We offer solutions to both users and providers of information.

WorldInfoNow is designed for convenient access and accessibility to meet the needs and preferences of diverse audiences.

The WorldInfoNow Solution includes two primary types of access all of which is available via mobile and Desktop through two uniquely designed solutions which include integration solution or subscription solution. It also Includes WIN IDS (WorldInfoNow IDs) a series of numbers that create a unique code that refers to a unique entity which could be geographic area, subject, company/organization, event, individual or other code and Advanced Search.

WorldInfoNow is developed and offered as a global Freemium @ Social Enterprise Business (SEB) @ business model.

A diagram to show how the solutions connect to a central host

Pre searched information

Information from top providers is pre-searched, categorized and accessible in ready to use formats by geographic area or subject.

• Geographic Information WorldInfoNow information is “geo-centric”, i.e. targeted to your area of world interest. Users can access geographic lineage information and “see also” links for regional groupings used by various sources. Click here to access sample geo information: Countries of the World or sample geo profiles (Afghanistan, Singapore, Italy, Pennsylvania). For more select Geographic Search or Browse at AccessInfoNow.

• Subject Information Information on select subjects is accessible via dynamic searching, indexes and cross-referencing. Click here to view the start of sample subject data: Capitals of the World, Employment Data and Statistics, Languages, With Obligation to All. For other subject information select Subject Search via AccessInfoNow.

Information linking and delivery

State of the art technology and creative use of WIN ID relationships brings new power to users and providers of information.

• WIN Data Linking and Information Sharing A structured information portal is the tool through which relationships are established between and among geographic areas, subjects and information providers. A unique WIN ID inter-linking helps “crack the codes” to bring information together in dynamic and simplified ways. Use of this tool is available to providers in a variety of techniques, from manual to dynamic feeds and pulls, to meet the needs and levels of technical sophistication of the provider. (See Provide Info)

• Enterprise Application Integration – Users and Providers WorldInfoNow functionality can be made accessible on an institutions intranet, and integrated with internal applications and information. Enterprise application integration can maximize value for information users, providers, and, between and among both.

Intergration solution

WorldInfoNow can be integrated into and become an integral part of an organization's Master Data Management (MDM) @ system.  Developed as a proof of concept in ResNet work with Dun & Bradstreet (see Case Study - Global Sales Transformation - and Case Study - Business Intelligence Optimization).

Because of the uniqueness of the patented flexi-dimensional business methodology and WIN IDs, WorldInfoNow can serve as a primary data key and architectural component of an organization's Master Data Management (MDM) @ architecture. In this manner, WorldInfoNow enables a single source of truth in the capture and storage of information related to a company's current and potential geographic markets, sales territories, and customer, partner, and supplier data.

Subscription solution

WorldInfoNow is accessible on a subscription bases. Subscribers have digital access to geographic and subject information along with advanced search capability.


WIN IDs @ (WorldInfoNow IDs) are a series of numbers that create a unique code that refers to a unique entity which could be geographic area, subject, company/organization, event, individual or other entity. An underlying multi-variant binding process and technology eliminates the need to rely on hierarchical structures, but instead on flexible, multi-dimensional linking. Unique features include:  WIN Geo ID’s – a numbering system for geographic areas of the world (more inclusive than ISO codes); WIN Subject ID’s – a numbering system for subjects; WIN Provider ID’s – a numbering system for providers of world information; WIN Event ID’s – a numbering system for events and major timeline activities in the world. In addition to holistic inclusion of all countries and international regions, this solution includes interconnected binding of the often overlooked 4,200 states and other country sub units that are lynchpins for local and international markets and over 36,000 unique subjects. It has been developed to be the premier geographic and subject information platform. Similar in uniqueness to Dun & Bradstreet Universal Numbering System, WIN ID's

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