The synergy-point for global information.

Targeted information for business, students and communities

World Info Now (WIN) provides the missing link to effective access and use of information and data.

The world’s shared repository. Bringing together business, government and civil society providers and users of premier public and private data aggregated for simplified and ready to use access and delivery : Access for All

Why use WIN?

World Info Now provides broad value oriented benefits that meet individual and collective needs. They can include all of the following, and more:

For end users.

• Targeted information to better meet user perspective and needs.
• Easy to use tool, intuitive functionality, and common data format.
• Quality information from premier information sources.

For providers.

• New global market visibility.
• Targeted market access and penetration
• Revenue enhancement for commercial providers.
• Mission implementation for not-for-profit and governmental providers.

For geographic communities.

• Communication tool for communities self identification.
• Promotion tool for trade and economic development.

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